Accepting myself and continuing to eat intuitively is a mindful, daily practice that I will continue to cherish beyond our sessions. From our very first meeting I had a very clear vision of who I wanted to be and the fear I wanted to let go of. I have never been fearlessly closer to that person in all my attempts over the years.

“From a young age I became afraid of food and my relationship with my body suffered. I grew up in fear of taking up space, constantly feeling criticized by myself and scared of how I appeared in this world. I developed anorexia/bulimia when I first tried every trendy diet and manipulated what I ate to exist in a smaller body. I felt trapped in a cycle of needing to find the "perfect" diet. In a world where [mostly] everyone is obsessing with the right and wrongs in regards to what we eat, it's so easy to feel confused and hurt by diet culture. Working with Chelsea has given me a sense of freedom I longed for for years. I knew that how I was eating and treating my body wasn't aligned with my own values and Chelsea provided guidance in returning back to basics. Through our sessions, journaling, and information she provided I gained more than I could have ever asked for from her. Accepting myself and continuing to eat intuitively is a mindful, daily practice that I will continue to cherish beyond our sessions. From our very first meeting I had a very clear vision of who I wanted to be and the fear I wanted to let go of. I have never been fearlessly closer to that person in all my attempts over the years. I found strength the day I admitted I don't need to do it all on my own and it was in reaching out to Chelsea that I really felt like I took the first step in healing my relationship with food. To say that Chelsea Caravella changed my life would be an understatement and I am eternally grateful to have worked with her.”


“Chelsea at Well Made Nutrition was the PERFECT person for me after recovering from years of disordered eating. I have worked with her for 3 months and will continue to set up appointments with her in the future. She made it easy and efficient by conducting Face time calls with me once a week! Chelsea is patient, empathetic, gentle and warmhearted. She helped me tremendously in my recovery and acceptance of my new, healthy and strong body and has guided me towards intuitive eating. Would highly recommend her!”


“Chelsea's nutrition program is amazing! For most of my life I have yo-yo dieted, either eating too much or too little at any given time. I became chronically frustrated because I never really knew what to eat or how much of it in order to properly fuel my body. Chelsea helped me rebuild my relationship with food and taught me proper portion sizing and the best times to eat meals and snacks. I can't thank Chelsea enough for being such a kind and knowledgable guide on my fitness journey. I always looked forward to our weekly nutrition sessions and always learned something new. Chelsea helped me build delicious and healthy recipes that seemed like 'cheat' meals. Chelsea was the person in my corner who believed in me even when I felt like giving up. Chelsea helped me create lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime and I can't thank her enough for that. I would definitely recommend Well Made Nutrition to anyone especially those who have become frustrated with 'dieting' and don't want to feel anxious around food anymore. Thank you so so much Chelsea!”


For what seemed like years I was going through what could only be described as a full fledged invasion on my being—physical, emotional, spiritual everything. It started with a lot of burping and tenseness in my chest so I go an endoscopy thinking it was acid reflux. The result was the doctor described as a a very very mild case, a 2 out of 10—so no help there. My health continued to affect my life this time it went more physically debilitating. My wrists and really up to my elbows had extreme tense pain and loss of strength. Many doctors diagnosed it as carpal tunnel and arthritis—of course they tried to give me narcotics which I didn’t take.  The one guy said it was the worst carpal tunnel he has ever seen, and he was 65 so I was like F*CK. I started to do yoga weekly and acupuncture. I began to wear a wrist guard and then my other wrist started to fall apart. For context I was so weak I dropped a cast iron pot which used to be my normal go to pot, on the ground and broke a tile in my kitchen. It was crazy. I was getting different opinions, seeing rhuemetologists, pain doctors, started months of Occupational therapy. Everything was just so intense. I remember ruminating on the feeling of discomfort and stress and inflammation in my body from the burping so much that it really brought me back to my adolescence when I was depressed, really depressed. Like when you would think about something, and then you couldn’t stop the thoughts. I was going mad. I started to see a therapist thinking I was actually going crazy. I even started taking my friends Xanax in small doses when I would have a panic attacks. 

Chelsea has an amazing process, she listens, never judges and always gives just enough of a push to get the person ( if they are ready and willing) to make healthy positive changes in their lives.

Completely unrelated to this I got a physical done and my doctor told me I had sky high cholesterol and referred me to Chelsea Caravella. My life was about to change. 

We started with diet journals and changes about what I ate. I realized actually how much red meat I was eating and that even though I thought I was eating healthy I wasn’t. I would eat a ham and cheese croissant probably 3-4x a week in the AM. But the EPIPHANY came one day when I had a brioche for breakfast and by 11am I was at my office lying on the couch convinced this was the time I would actually die and should go to the hospital because I had no more Xanax from my friend to calm me down. Imagine your chest so incredibly inflamed and tight that you can’t burp out whatever the F*CK is in there and then you start ruminating on the fact about the your lack of control on your body, is actually controlling your mind—now your in a perpetual state of discomfort, no control and all the while you feel like you’re about to burst. When I spoke to Chelsea that week for our session we went over my journal and it just said “brioche of death” and then it clicked. Gluten, Bread, red meat combined was what was doing it to me. Furthermore it’s the body compounding the stuff inside you that was making it worse. I just imagined it like a big hallway that was just completely blocked with stuff and there was just a tiny area for you to get through.  I cut all of that out and the blockage stopped. The search for lower cholesterol actually solved the problem I had been dealing with for years. The yoga, acupuncture, occupational therapy, endoscopy, therapy, illegal drugs, legal drugs, wrist guards, high cholesterol, ALL OF IT was unrelated. It was the bread and the meat combined. 

A year goes by and my life has changed so much. Not only do I shop for basically only produce veggies, rarely eat red meat and only buy fish or chicken from a butcher or market, but I no longer burp or have stress or any negative thoughts feelings or anything. The body is so quick to respond to what its going through you just need to be present and aware and ready to listen. I just got back from a trip to Spain where I very willingly dove into all sorts of pork, meats, breads just everything that is good in the world. What happened? I died all over again—felt like 2 years ago. But after a week of returning home to my healthy bread/meat free diet my body was back. 

Chelsea has an amazing process, she listens, never judges and always gives just enough of a push to get the person ( IF THEY ARE READY AND WILLING) to make healthy positive changes in their lives. Within 3 months my cholesterol dropped and I figured out what was crippling me for years. I keep trying to push her onto my friends going through similar stuff but everyone think i’m crazy that their anxiety and stress might be food related. I mean come on, how can someone say, after a generation of societal norms pushes meat onto us that it’s the cause of your possible anxiety? Everyone works on their own pace. Im thankful to god and my physician for connecting me to Chelsea.”


“Started seeing Chelsea based upon a recommendation of having to start Cholesterol meds (which I really did NOT want to have to do) and for chronic fatigue. Well I just got my blood work back after becoming vegan since March (clean without meds) and my cholesterol dropped 66 points from Jan!!! And 59 of those points were the "bad" cholesterol. I love her delicious plant based options she has taught me about and I have learned sooo much from her its unbelievable. She is warm, NEVER judgemental, funny and she knows her stuff!!! I highly recommend her for all day, every day!”



“Well Made is an amazing program. Chelsea really teaches you the value of proper nutrition. Ever since starting this program I have felt 100- times better. My knee and back pain have stopped and I am seeing improvement in my energy and strength. Working with Chelsea has been an amazing experience. She encouraged me to learn about what foods I put into my body and the effects they have on my overall health. I have since learned to read labels, eat balanced meals and how to avoid certain health issues. Anyone looking for an awesome nutritionist who truly cares for her clients should call Chelsea. She will never let you down and you will see amazing results.”



“Working with Chelsea has been a life-changing experience in the best way possible. In just three months, I lost fifteen pounds and my overall energy has skyrocketed to a level that I haven't seen since I was in my early 20s. Chelsea created a meal plan that was easy for me to implement, taught me how to pick the right foods and portion sizes, and figured out an exercise routine that would work well with my schedule (even though I work super long hours). She also helped me switch from a diet where meat was part of nearly every meal to a vegetarian diet--something I've wanted to do for a long time but it seemed overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. Throughout this entire journey, Chelsea has done a fantastic job of helping me stay motivated with super supportive in-person meetings and frequent check-ins via text and email. Overall, I've been able to make several key lifestyle changes that will make me healthier and happier for life, and I couldn't have done it without Chelsea!”




“First and foremost Chelsea is an incredible woman and a great support system. She is so extremely passionate about nutrition and eating. She goes above and beyond her role as a nutritionist to check in with supportive reminder texts, keeping you up to date with the latest nutrition news with helpful and informative emails. She is always in your corner cheering you on to be the best healthy eater you can be!

Chelsea uses easy to read formats and slowly reviews the basics step-by-step. We set achievable goals and checked in each week; sometimes I wasn't on track and she helped me figure out why and we worked out an easily solution together.

I've tried a million and one fad diets, weeks of juicing and limiting food intake without seeing any lasting results. Chelsea helped me to realize my eating habits and slowing integrate and replace them with good habits. I feel more full throughout the day and now know when and what foods are best to fuel up before my workout and replenish my body and muscles after. Together we made a meal plan that adjusted to my food preferences and my work schedule. 

We worked on meal prepping, selecting the best day to grocery shop, and prep my meals for the week. We went over grocery lists so I didn't get to the store and become overwhelmed. She taught me to look for ingredients that mattered, GMO free with the butterfly icon.

Chelsea taught me lasting nutrition facts and instilled in me the power of healthy eating and nourishing my body. Under her guidance  and support I've seen changes not only in my body, but also in my mood and overall well-being. She is an inspiration to living a healthy-happy lifestyle and I know the skills I learned through her nutrition program will be with me for a lifetime.”

- Anne Marie