Chelsea was the perfect person for me after recovering from years of disordered eating. She helped me tremendously in my recovery and acceptance of my new, healthy and strong body and has guided me towards intuitive eating.
— Amy, client review.

Program Attributes

Holistic nutrition counseling •  Mindfulness-based approach to behavior change •  Intuitive Eating •  HAES-aligned, weight-inclusive •  Stress + anxiety reduction • Mindful movement + exercise •  Evidence-based nutritional education, therapy + guidance •  Vegetarianism/veganism/plant-based eating • Meal planning, recipes + meal design •  Integrative lifestyle healing + wellness.

Health Concerns Addressed

Emotional/stress/boredom eating •  Disordered relationship with food/body •  Stress, anxiety •  Fatigue, energy imbalance •  High cholesterol •  Hormonal imbalance •  Irregularity •  Gut concerns, gut dysbiosis •  Gluten intolerance/allergy •  Digestive issues •  Overeating/undereating + more.

Program Options


1X per week

Weekly one-hour holistic nutrition counseling meetings to create, initiate and track lifestyle behavior changes regarding stress management, eating and movement. Minimum three month commitment. All program attributes listed above included.

$260 •per month

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Schedule a single consultation to discuss current health concerns, assess individual nutritional needs and create healthy lifestyle behaviors. Includes nutrition education documents to help you start on your path toward healing, health and wellness. New clients only.


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A follow-up appointment may be scheduled post-nutrition intervention therapy course to discuss progress with lifestyle modifications and to check-in with your current nutritional status, health concerns and eating patterns. Clients who have completed any of the monthly programs, packages or full-length consultations may schedule a follow-up appointment. Not for new clients.

60-minute $75

30-minute $45