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Your New Year's guide to honor the old + welcome the new.

Your New Year's guide to honor the old + welcome the new.

You do not need a new you. You are perfect the way you are. You are where you are meant to be at this very moment. The days of “new year, new you” are over. You are enough exactly as you are. This is a time to reflect, release and manifest: reflect on your 2017 and what you have learned, release that which no longer serves you and manifest all the new hopes, wishes and desires you have for 2018 to bring. It is a time to say goodbye to 2017 with intention and to honor the lessons it has taught us, a time to love exactly where you are as you create hope for where you want to be. Whether this past year has brought painful challenges or incredible joy, to send 2017 off with love and gratitude is a special ritual we can do to honor the past year of our life. Take a moment. Breathe. Remember you are on a great big earth in the middle of space. Feel the immensity of that simple statement. 

Use the guided writing prompts / journal questions below and Full Moon ritual to peacefully welcome your 2018 with hope, love and strong intention. 


G U I D E D  W R I T I N G

On New Year's Day, or the day before, make a sacred, quiet space in your home where you feel comfortable. Light some candles or incense, play some meditative music and focus on the very moment. Take three deep breaths into your belly. You do not need to be anywhere else but there. Use this time to come back to center, ground yourself and work on some self-care and love. In your journal, use the following questions to guide your writing. Record any feelings or thoughts that surface. Just get it all down on paper. Write down your wishes and intentions and let the manifesting begin! End your writing with immense gratitude and know that the universe is working in your favor every step of the way. 

  1. How have I evolved in 2017?

  2. How has my self-love evolved this year?

  3. List 3 things related to healing and self-care that you plan on implementing in 2018.

  4. What am I leaving in 2017 that no longer serves me and why? What am I replacing it with in 2018?

  5. How can I further nourish my body in 2018?

  6. How will food play a role in my health and wellness in 2018?

  7. What am I most looking forward to in 2018?

  8. How will I challenge my body in the upcoming year?

  9. List 3 things my body has done for me in 2017 that I am grateful for.  

  10. What experiences characterize my last year? How have they transformed me as a person? Do I feel as though they’ve led me to who I am meant to become?

  11. Record your wishes and intentions for the new year. Spare no detail - the universe will return to you what you put your mind to. 


F U L L  M O O N  • J A N. 1

On January 1st, 2018 there will be a Full Moon. This is a time to “burn away” aspects of life that no longer serve you (attitudes, emotions, relationships, people, illness, pain, habits, addictions; whatever you want to release). This can be figuratively or literally write down what no longer serves you and burn it over a small flame. Replace the unwanted with your own personal “I am” statements. Address limiting beliefs and energies that prevent you from reaching your dream. On all Full Moons, but especially the one on the first day of the new year, it is super powerful to reach into the act of forgiveness and letting go. 

I release that which no longer serves me.
I am ready to heal and let go.
I welcome transformation.
I welcome growth.
I welcome abundance.
I know what I need.
I embrace my ever-evolving journey.
I am moving forward toward my highest and greatest good.
I am ready.

Wishing you the most peaceful, joyous New Year full of lots of love! 

With gratitude always xx