Welcome to July! The theme for this month’s work is freedom.

Let’s focus our energy on accomplishing freedom from the baggage that prevents us from living our fullest lives. How can we become more free, more open? How can we create a space that allows for positive transformation, growth and healing?

In this month’s Monthly Goals + Habit Tracker, with the theme of freedom in mind, we’ll explore the life experiences that push our edges a bit. We all have inner energy blockages: blocks that prevent energy from freely flowing through our bodies and prevent us from living an open-hearted, full life. Our bodies have a network of energy pathways, from the top of our heads to the bottom of our toes. This energy system is the vital life force in the body and can help us feel mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

One of the greatest lessons author Michael A. Singer teaches us is that, in life, true peace comes from when inner energy is free to flow. When we resist energy, or project our expectations onto life experiences, we resist the natural flow of life and create suffering.

This is why it’s so important to practice mindful awareness of all present sensations. The key is to not resist any experience; stay open and feel it, witness it, even the pain and suffering. This is the place where healing takes place.

By not attaching to the incessant mental dialogue going on inside your head, you can be in fully in your body, fully in the experience of life, allowing things to flow rather than fighting. When it comes to disordered eating, so much of it is about a false sense of control. “If I restrict this amount of food, I will have a body that won’t be judged; I’ll be safe, protected, valuable and adored.” A lot of the times, eating can be a source of experiential avoidance. Say, our partner breaks up with us, this can translate to the relationship with food and body. We can turn to food to numb the intense painful feelings we’re experiencing, but are we processing them? No, we are avoiding the pain, hurt and suffering by turning to another act that takes our mind away from the present experience. By feeling it all, we release its power over us.

As Singer puts it, “We get to decide if we want to walk around with pain blocking our hearts and living a limited experience. Or, we can simply feel our pain. It only hurts for a minute that way. The giant reward to doing that is we get to walk around with a permanently open heart.”

So feel ALL the feels, even the ones that sometimes suck. Don’t fight them, sit with them, let them be. They are passing, so let them flow. Exploring our triggers and wounds gives us the opportunity to face our blockages and learn valuable life lessons.

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