Fall is the time of year when so many beautiful ingredients come into season. Fall favorites like pumpkin, apples and squash are readily available along with the lesser known in-season foods like pomegranate, pears and persimmons, too. Nourishing, cozy and warm ingredients and spices are what this season is all about. By using what’s in season, we can ensure that fruit or vegetable is at its peak nutrient density and therefore, will best nourish our bodies. So, cozy up in the kitchen and get cooking! Here are just a few fall-inspired, plant-based recipes from Well Made and other trusted online food sites to nourish your body this fall.


Pumpkin cinnamon overnight oats include a mix of oats, chia seeds, pumpkin, raisins, almond milk and cinnamon to create a gooey bowl of goodness to start your morning. Packed with fiber and protein - this breakfast will help you feel satiated while providing long-lasting energy.

Sweet potato waffles are the perfect Sunday morning breakfast (or brunch) option. While there’s a little more prep time needed, these waffles are worth the wait. Super nutrient-rich and full of fiber and antioxidants, too.

Pumpkin pie smoothie is a solid option if you’re in a rush to get to work in the morning or if you want something super quick satisfying post-workout. The added greens to this mix ensure you’re getting even more antioxidants and nutrients while enjoying the taste of pumpkin pie!

Lunch + Dinner

Sweet potato black bean chili is a divine recipe from Minimalist Baker; who, as the name implies, uses minimal plant-based ingredients and minimal time in all of her recipes. I don’t know about you, but literally nothing sounds better to me than having a warm bowl of veggie chili on a cold fall night.


Roasted pumpkin leek soup: a remix on your typical potato leek soup using seasonal fall ingredients instead to create this cozy, nourishing recipe.

Sweet potato black bean tacos are a quick, easy and satisfying weeknight dinner. Try out these almond flour tortillas if you’re looking for a switch-up from traditional flour or corn tortillas.

Spicy lentil curry with mashed garlic cauliflower: while this one doesn’t have a specific recipe, it’s super easy to create based off of the ingredients listed. To make this meal even quicker - use organic canned green lentils, cook them with some onion, garlic, asparagus and curry powder and that’s it for your lentil curry. Steam some cauliflower in a pot, mix in a blender with some garlic, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and guess what? You have mashed cauliflower. :)

Vegetable escarole and white bean soup: a go-to fall meal prep recipe that requires just one-pot and will last you the week! Make this recipe your own by adding whatever spices and veggies you want to it - you really can’t go wrong here.


Apple crumble, fall’s most renown recipe besides apple pie. This super simple, under 10 ingredients vegan recipe is to-die-for. Coconut oil subs in for traditional butter and toasted oats make for a nourishing, crunchy topping. I swapped brown sugar for maple syrup, too!

Snacks + Sides

Pumpkin energy bites are easy to prep and travel with, making them the perfect on-the-go healthy snack. Loaded with healthy fats and fiber, they’re the perfect combination to satisfy a sweet craving while delivering powerful nutrients.

Sweet potato stuffed mushrooms (and all the recipes from Forks Over Knives) are bound to deliver plant-powered nutrients straight to your body. This recipe in particular includes warm, antioxidant-rich spices with seasonal fall ingredients.

Use these unique recipes to create a super nutritious weekly meal plan and more importantly, to bring nourishing and comfort to your fall season. Want to create a solid weekly eating plan and prep list? Download and fill in the Weekly Meal Planner - a Well Made Nutrition tool that helps you keep your week organized when it comes to meal ideas, cooking and food shopping.