With another winter storm coming our way, many of us may just be the lucky ones that have a snow day. Truthfully, is there anything more exciting than a text, e-mail or call notifying us to stay home from work (read: stay home in pajamas ALL DAY). No, there really isn’t. As enticing as it may sound to lazy out and Netflix-binge, a snow day also leaves room for some extra self-care time. Below are just a few ways you can take this time to improve your body’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.




1.) Read - have a book you’ve been meaning to read that’s collecting dust on your shelf? Cozy up with a good book, relax and dive in. Not only does it increase intelligence, but it can also boost your brain power1 and make you more empathetic2 (a skill that definitely could be used in the sometimes cold world!). By putting your brain to work and keeping it active, studies show reading also decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s3. Choose a book with a purpose. My current recent reads include: Untethered Soul, Trust, The Four Agreements, Moonology and Back to Love.

2.) Journal. Pick up a pen, grab some paper and write. If you don’t know what yo write about start with three areas - what you are presently grateful, what you wish to let go of that no longer serves you and your wishes for the future. Let your mind guide your hand and write about whatever you feel you need to. Alex Elle, a self-help author is always posting amazing journal prompts on her Instagram which I definitely recommend following.

9.) Learn. Netflix + food education is where it’s at. The most recent in food education that made its Netflix debut is Rotten - a documentary that exposes the corruption in America’s agricultural system. Other important documentaries to learn more about Big Ag, Big Pharma, animal welfare and nutrition include: What the Health, Cowspiracy, Food Inc., Earthlings, What the Health, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters plus so many more.




4.) Make something warm - Not just physically warm, but warming to your soul.  What makes you feel warm, toasty + cozy? Whether it’s a bowl of homemade vegetable soup or a hot cup of calming herbal tea - create something that warms you up, relax and enjoy! Warming herbs to keep you cozy (and sniffles-free) during the winter include:

  • ginger

  • cinnamon

  • cardamom

  • black pepper

  • cloves

5.) Cook. One pot recipes are my go-to for a frigid, stuck-indoors kind of snow day. My favorite recipes include vegetarian chili, this simple veggie soup, or this super flavorful spicy coconut milk soup with roasted sweet potatoes + cauliflower. You can also take the free time to meal prep for your upcoming weekdays.


6.) Do Yoga - The cold can make our muscles and tissues tighten up. By stretching you not only release built-up stress in joints, but you also loosen and elongate the muscles that have been constricted by the cold weather. Even if it’s for 15 minutes, roll out your mat or simply find a space on your floor and try these yoga poses to warm your body up.

7.) Meditate - By now you probably have heard how beneficial meditating for your mental, emotional and physical health - even if only for 5 minutes a day. Many studies prove meditation can reduce blood pressure, reverse symptoms of IBS, ease symptoms of anxiety and depression and also help with insomnia. For a quick 5-minute meditation exercise try this in a comfortable seated position at home. 

8.) Exercise. There are so many at-home workouts you can do on your snow day. Check out my amazing, strong friends Vic + Kyle. They post full body workouts on their Instagram that you can do right in your living room. Feel free to reach out for some ideas from them as well!



9.) Organize - Clutter and mess in our homes can directly add stress to our lives. Take the time you have on a snow day to organize + tidy up any of the areas of your home that need a little extra attention. These areas can carry stagnant energy and block the flow of positive energy in a home. There is power in the intentional act of getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose, and taking care of the items in your home that are necessary and you are grateful for. In the book The Life-Changing Power of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo says to purge first all at once and only keep things that you love, only possessions that spark joy. If you need some inspo watch Minimalism on Netflix to ignite some life-changing home cleansing.

10.) Relax. Just be. Enjoy a nice warm bath with salts and herbs. Enjoy the present moment and the fact that you do not need to be anywhere else but here.